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I am now trying to keep my blog updated with some of my better pictures of each trip out.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

20th November

Two weeks in and thoroughly bored, 4 weeks to least I'm nice and warm indoors while the temperature is dropping outside. I am feeling a lot better in myself now, although my mobility is deteriorating, I am now unable to manage indoors on the crutches, so i have to use the wheelchair all the time.
Our resident sparrow-hawk has been showing itself most days, scaring the high numbers of starlings off the pylon. Two goldcrests have been on the conifer at the bottom of the garden, but the garden is particularly quiet and the feeders are hardly used, probably due to a neighbours cat spending most of its time hunting there...grrrr.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

7th November

Well where do i start?! So much has happened since my last blog, but ive not really had the motivation to update here goes.......
First job today was to remove the semi p from the year list, the distant views we had were inconclusive so i will not count it.
I now have my new electric wheelchair, so once i get a more practical vehicle, ill be able to get out and about as the chair is able to go offroad/all terrain. As nice as it is the jag wont take it!
My working career is now officially over, i have been discharged from my old job, so i am now a state scrounger! I have my disabled badge for the car, disabled pass for the buses, and awaiting confirmation to order a motability vehicle.
I am now volunteering for the rspb at dungeness as a 'Guide in a Hide' although lately the hide has been the visitor centre.
I am currently in Canterbury hospital awaiting transport home, where I have been ordered to have complete bedrest for 6 weeks......OH MY GOD!!!!
More to come...