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Monday, 16 September 2013

Friday 13th

The way my luck has been the last 18 mnths, i was definately going to to be carefull and stay at home today seeing as it is friday 13th!
Phone call.....semi palmated sandpiper on burrows.....i just had to do it. Arrived at makepeace, was pointed in the right direction and found it tagging along with2 little tick! Thanks Wendy for the phone call.
It did stay at distance so i was unable to get any pics. Apparently it has been spending a bit of time in front of firth hide, so after a while i relocated to there hoping it would come and join me for a photo session, but not to be. Other birds of note at firth, were ringed plovers, 7 ruff, bartailed godwit, greenshank, 3 snipe, a few dunlin and the juvenile black tern. After a while i made my way back to the visitor centre, for a coffee and a chat.
Getting used to the wheelchair now, especially since ive got a nice new comfy cushion. I need to put my engineering skills to the test to set up a scope support on it.
My mobile phone died recently, and i havent been able to get any of my numbers off, so anyone who knows me, please ring me or text me so that i can get your number back.
I will post a few pics later from my recent trips out.

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  1. It gets worse then. The bird you/we/I were watching Friday was a Little Stint, not a semi p sand!!!!!!