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Sunday, 18 November 2012

18th Nov

Took a folder into visitor centre for everyone to look at some photos of wildlife from around the area, while in there 4 pink footed geese flew over burrowes. Met Pete for a long awaited birding day, so we started at Dennis's hide which showed a small flock of long tail tits, 2 great white egrets, and a female goldeneye. Firth hide had no islands left in front of it whatsoever and just the usual suspects out in front, 1 chiffchaff was flitting about on the bank. Makepeace showed a snipe and all the usual ducks although no pintail were to be seen which stood all day. On the way back to the visitor centre another group of long tail tits were showing in the trees as well as 3 goldcrests. On the way up to the viewing mound, were 3 bearded tits and 2 stonechats. Once there, a water rail was heard but not seen, a few marsh harriers, another group of long tail tits, a green woodpecker on one of the telegraph poles and a few more flying through as well as a couple of greater spotted woodpeckers. Because the weather was so nice we decided to try again for the Pallas's warbler at the lighthouse garden, but a clue was given when we got there as there were no other birders around initially which obviously Pallas's. Pete went off to find the glaucous gull, while I went back to rspb reserve. ARC held 1 great white egret, 3 goldeneye 2F and 1M, and a black necked grebe. Back to visitor centre where a knot and a female common scoter was found. Despite the lovely weather, I never managed 1 photo today.
Count for the day 56

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