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Saturday, 17 November 2012

17th Nov

Not been able to go anywhere for the last week, so really looked forward to today. Went to Dungeness, exhibition extended for another 2 weeks, so replaced one of the sold pictures, and I've sorted some pics out this evening in a folder to take down tomorrow so all can look at others unframed.
Burrowes showing usual suspects, 1 female goldeneye, 1 great white egret and 1 yellow leg gull. From the centre I went over to lighthouse garden to look for Pallas's warbler. It did show itself for a very few short glimpses, but unable to get a decent photo, I must grow a few more inches so I can shoot over bushes instead of through them, then maybe the camera can focus properly!
Back over to ARC next where 3 great white egrets were like sentries in front of Hanson hide, 1 male goldeneye in the distance and lots of widgeon and gadwall.
Back to visitor centre for yet another rich roast where 1 great white egret was feeding and a peregrine flew over. 
Count for the day 42

3 Great white egrets

3 flying great white egrets
Very dodgy pic of Pallas's Warbler

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