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Sunday, 11 November 2012

11th Nov

At last! Beaten my nemesis the penduline tit! 2 seen at Stodmarsh today at Grove end, one on the track and another from David Feast hide. Life tick! Still need to get a decent photo though.
What a difference 24 hours makes, what a glorious day! Grove also producing small groups of fieldfare, redwings and bearded tits, 7 snipe flew by, a bittern flew in to back of pool at Feast and then back out 30 mins later.
Over to dungy and a trip to viewing mound, to watch a peregrine sit on top of telegraph pole and another then harrasing it, also bittern moving around in reeds quite close. Another snipe flew by and 2 marsh harriers, also a kestrel being mobbed by 2 crows.
Surprisingly enough even with such nice weather, I never managed 1 decent photo today.
Considering I never looked around much, I still made a day count of 53, even with missing out on some everday ticks, like pochard and widgeon etc.

They may not be very good, but here's some pics anyway:


Blue tit


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  1. Well done getting the Pendulines Dave, great little birds.