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Saturday, 10 November 2012

10th Nov.

Last nights weather report said wet morning, dry afternoon.....reality....dry morning, wet afternoon. Arrived at Dungy visitor centre at 12.15 in the drizzle, not much to see on Burrows, although there were a few Pintail looking splendid in heir fully coloured plumage. 6 Snipe flew by while in Makepeace, and a great white egret nestled in the far bank. Over to the gate down the bottom end or ARC to check new diggings for long tailed ducks, but nowhere to be seen, 2 more great whites 1 at each end of new diggings, nothing of note at bottom end of ARC. Hanson hide showing lots of widgeon, a couple more pintail, 1 male goldeneye, my first male of the season, a kestrel sat on the side of the water tower, 1 fly by sparrowhawk, oh and at least 8 grey herons seen in the 3 1/2 hours on the reserve. No photos today, nothing to take pictures of on this rainy afternoon. Weather obviously keeping a lot of birds quiet hence:
Count for the day only 45.

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