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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Stodmarsh 14th Oct

A very early start this morning while still dark. Left the carpark on the way to reedbed hide and heard tawny owl calling in field to the left. Managed to reach hide time I'll take a small torch! Settled in to hide to await first light. By the time the sun came up there were 6 of us in the hide all waiting expectantly for the kingfisher, which did not let us down, giving excellent views. Also a back neck grebe was on the pool, which did come relatively close at one point, but was very skittish, not surprising because of the little grebe that kept chasing it. 3 Marsh harriers came though as well as a grey wagtail, there were also 2 groups of bearded tits to our right, each group reaching double figures. Plenty of teal in front colouring up quite nicely with their new winter coats.
Last night I thought, shall i charge camera batterys, nah, no need, i know there is one full battery in the sling.....wrong....the full battery had discharged itself, probably because of the length of time it was sitting there not being used. I did manage about 300 shots of the kingfisher, so got away with it. All 3 batterys now being charged!!!!

Trio of kingfisher shots

Black neck grebe


  1. Glad you had good views of the Kingfisher. I just can't help but keep going back for more.

  2. This was my first attempt at close up kingfisher shots and I was absolutely thrilled with the oportunity.

  3. I recognise that Kingfisher perch. Nice shots and a nice blog.