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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dungeness 22nd Sep

Arrived at ARC car park about 12 ish and made my way to Hanson hide, stopping to get a picture of a migrant hawker which landed just as i reached it. Not a great variety from the hide other than the usual suspects, and 9 little egrets, the pec sand made an appearance at distance, 80 golden plover, 1 snipe and 1 marsh harrier, were other birds of note. On leaving the hide, as I came out of the tree'd part of the track, 3 pied flycatcher came round from the left which were obviously goint to fly up the track towards the hide, but all 3 saw me at the last minute and achieved a cartoonish 'stall' in mid air before landing in the tree to my right. One of the birds then gave me a severe telling off, which I confirmed on my birdmike when back at the car to be an alarm call. I don't know who was more surprised, me or the birds! 8 Curlew also flew over, as I returned to the car.
Over to the visitor centre for my usual rich roast, on the way pausing to capture an unusual shot of a wheatear trying to land on grass definately not strong enough to support he's weight. Then a drive up to Denge hide, where the great white egret was showing nicely, 1 sparrowhawk, 4 marsh harriers and 2 more curlew flying over.
Count for the day 51
Migrant Hawker



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